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  • South Korea South Korea
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Moisture supplement + storage + block loss

Removes waste and excess sebum, keeping moisture

After cleansing, 3-step hydrating system moisten skin without dryness

Hydrating patent ingredient PTMA-Oligomer Plus and moisture complex keeps moisture

Rich and dense foam removes old dead skin cell, make-up residue, excess sebum, black head

Rice fermentation filter extract makes rough skin into smooth and soft! Improves pure skin!

KOREA DERMATOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE Inc Complete Clinic non-stimulus test

Size: 150ml

Skin Type: Dry skin/All skin



1.With 3-step hydrating system, moist cleansing without dryness!

Containing hydrating patent ingredient PTMA-Oligomer Plus and moisture complex, making moist without dryness after cleansing! Makes soft skin texture.

2. Dense and soft  Fresh cream foam!

Rich and dense foam removes waste and make-up residue without stimulation, keeping health skin.

3.Contains berry extract & Rice fermentation filter extract

 Berry extract like blue berry, Acai Berry, black berry, and rice fermentation filter extract make pure and bright skin.

4. Complete Clinic non-stimulus test

This foam cleansing is proofed as no stimulation. So sensitive skin can use it.    



Rice fermentation filter extract / Acai Berry extract / Black berry extract / Blue berry