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Selleope AQUATIC ADDITION Skin Care Line

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It gives vitality to exhausted skin due to having effect of preventing freckle, blemish and improving skin elasticity

by restoring external skin stress with anti-oxidative component.

Acai berry is a kind of palm tree growing naturally in the Amazon basin, which is called “the tree of life”.

It is a nature’s perfect energy fruit, which has been used from old times as a plant with mysterious effects on

muscle strength and endurance for men and the postnatal care and anti-aging for women.  

Effect of Acai berry

Providing Energy, vitality


Protecting freckle     

Improving skin elasticity

Restoring Skin stress by pollutant

Providing skin nutrition

Improving skin vitality



Water gel type skin with bursting moisture from the ends of hands!

It arranges rough skin soft and relieves skin from stress.

Passing deep moisture without be glossy to oily skin with water gel moisture capsule.

Booster skin helping absorption next step of skin care and protecting a loss of moisture!



Prompt nutrition & moisturizing with 3 step moisture care system lotion

Skin sociability is excellent and natural originated ingredient providing soft nutrition provides water lightly & quickly

Water gel moisture capsule delivers deep moisture without glitter to oil skin type

Aqua line which is full moisture with quick absorption not moisture left out of skin!


3 step moisture care system lotion containing water gel moisture capsule

1 step: sufficient supplement of water!!

2 step: Into the skin substantially~!!

3 step: Forming natural protective layer on the skin



Keeping moist skin condition for a long time with strong moisture effect

High moisture energy serum for powerless & weary skin!

Strengthening moisture layer with optimal moisture through ceramide + condensed balancing

Moist skin condition at long last with strong moisture energy of translucent essence gel

Water gel moisture capsule delivers moisture without glitter to oil skin type

Fresh spreading with LIGHT & FRESH & WATERY TEXTURE



Acai-berry ferment water which pulls moisture is quickly absorbed to lifeless & dry skin!

Differentiated pudding Formula which restores water & elasticity!(Shape memory Formula)

Maintaining moisture power for a long time without stickiness & glossiness

6non System : Surfactant, Mineral Oil, Benzophenone , Acrylamide, Animal Ingredient, Praben


Providing prompt water & charging skin elasticity! (Shape Memory Formula Cream)

Clear finishing with differentiated description & non stickiness



Volume: Toner/Lotion-125ml, Serum-40ml, Cream-50ml

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Selleope AQUATIC ADDITION Skin Care Line

Selleope AQUATIC ADDITION Skin Care Line

Selleope AQUATIC ADDITION Skin Care Line

Selleope AQUATIC ADDITION Skin Care Line