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Leeblese PREMIUM SNAIL BB 50ml

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Anti-wrinkle + Whitening + UV protection(SPF 50 PA+++)= Triple functional product

It contains nutritious mineral, snail mucus extract, multi herb complex. These components make skin strong and smooth.

With non-paraben prescription, it lightly adheres to skin and makes it glossy and moisturized. With triple functions,

anti-wrinkle, whitening, and UV protection, it maintains skin healthy.


Ingredients included in the product

Snail Secretion Filtrate- It quickly relieves irritated skin and makes active components to be absorbed easily.

It vitalizes skin to make it luminous and healthy.

Hydrolyzed Collagen- It is a raw material of elasticity that raises moisture level of skin dermis to maintain skin elasticity

so that it makes skin surface firm and clear, and skin-lined soft and moisturized.

Tomato Callus Culture Extract- It has an outstanding sulfation that prevents skin from aging. It also has an excellent

whitening function by increase in skin collagenesis, skin relief effect, and tyrosinase depression effect.

Bees Wax- Beeswax is a sweet natural wax that is collected from beehive. This ingredient maintains skin moisture

and smoothness.

Camellia Sinensis Leaf- Polyphenol element restrain skin from sebum excessive secretion and it tightens skin pores

at the same time it cares for skin troubles so that skin gets soft and moisturized.

Morus Alba Bark- It has an effect of skin brightening, relief, and moisturizing.

Panax Ginseng Root- Raising skin resistance and cell restoration effect. Saponin in panax ginseng renews skin cells

and affects on corneum to make rough skin smooth.

It is a Paraben Free product!



Selling Point

Skin with full of moisture!

Rich moisturization and skin oil-moisture balancing function of snail mucus extract make skin elastic and bright

for a long time after the makeup.

Adheres strongly on skin and finalizes with moisture!

With outstanding adherence, it makes skin moisturized and smooth!

Simply apply BB cream after base skin care products!

Sun block+BB Cream- With higher UV protection rate(SPF 50 PA+++), it perfectly protects skin from summer UV rays!

Darkening zero!

With its vegetable extract, it prevents smooth sense while applying and it has no skin darkening. It makes skin texture

even after the use.

Outstanding covering function!

It lightly covers skin blemish and pores with moisturized texture!



Volume: 50ml



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Leeblese PREMIUM SNAIL BB 50ml