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Leeblese Placenta Replenishing Skin Care 4 Set

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[Leeblese Placenta Replenishing Skin Care 4 Set]

Vegetable placenta quickly absorbs into skin and maintains skin balance. It makes skin fresh.

4 composition set

Skin toner (150ml), Emersion (150ml), Cream (50g), Foam cleansing (120ml)


Cleansing foam→ Toner→ Emersion→ Essence→ Cream



It functions as connecting two lives of embryo and pregnant mother. It helps embryo to grow.


The main components of vegetable placenta - soy phyto placenta

It contains SP-BRM, the main component of soy phyto placenta, that interacts with collagen and elastine that maintains

skin elasticity and skin moisture and removes active oxygen that causes aging. SP-BRM raises cell division ability of skin

and supplies moisture and oil to dry skin to make skin texture beautiful.


Vegetable placenta component + Compatibility of imperata & mistletoe & fermented soy extract

= protecting component of vegetable placenta and healthy energy + rich nutrition of enzyme extract and

moisturizing energy are filled in Leeblese placenta replenishing Set


Other brand's placenta products add raw material extract Leeblese placenta replenishing skin care products

add materials' fermented extract to provide upgraded skin moisturizing effect and nutrition!

Enzyme extracts

Soy enzyme extract- Based on the mucous high molecular substance, formed by fermented soy, and skin permeating force,

it provides outstanding nutrition to skin and offers effects on making beautiful skin.

Fermented extract of mistletoe- It has abundance of naturally moisturizing factores possessing pituitousness like

alkaloid, flavonoid, and saponin that protect skin from external harmful environment and maintains beautiful and healthy skin.

Fermented imperata extract- Imperata, one of the oriental medicines, cools blood down and forms resin that makes

abundance of moisture to make skin moisturized and healthy.



Placenta Replenishing Skin toner(150ml)- It helps recover skin balance after washing and provides moisture

to dry skin to improve skin oiliness and roughness.

Placenta Replenishing emersion (150ml)- This is an emersion that cares skin as flexible and comfortable condition

and makes skin elastic and moisturized. It makes skin healthy by providing moisture and nutrition to stressed skin.

Placenta Replenishing Cream (150ml)- By supplying rich moisture and nutrition, it prevents moisture to evaporate

and makes skin texture smooth and relived.

Placenta Replenishing foam cleansing (120ml)- Rich and minute particles of foam removes dead skin cells and

make up residues thoroughly to feel freshness and placenta component makes skin moisturized and smooth after the facial wash.



The STRENGTHS of Leeblese Man Placenta Replenishing Skin Care!

       The moisture lasts for a long time once applied.

       It contains 3 kinds of complex components, mistletoe extract, fermented soy extract, imperata, and they

relieve irritated skin and strengthen moisture barrier.

       Improved moisture power, spreadability, and adherence by fermentation!

       By adding functional elements to each composition of this product set, skin toner and lotion have

function of controlling skin absorption rate, and when they raise skin absorption, you must apply whitening essence

to maximize its function on skin. With additional product, wrinkle serum, it also

ameliorates wrinkles.

It deals out functions effectively to present maximum effect on skin!



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Leeblese Placenta Replenishing Skin Care 4 Set