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Leeblese for Man Placenta Replenishing Skin Care Set

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[Leeblese for Man Placenta Replenishing Skin Care Set]

Vegetable placenta quickly absorbs into skin and maintains skin balance. It makes skin fresh.



It functions as connecting two lives of embryo and pregnant mother.  It helps embryo to grow.


The main components of vegetable placenta - soy phyto placenta

It contains SP-BRM, the main component of soy phyto placenta, that interacts with collagen and elastine that maintains

skin elasticity and skin moisture and removes active oxygen that causes aging. SP-BRM raises cell division ability of skin

and supplies moisture and oil to dry skin to make skin texture beautiful.


Vegetable placenta component + Compatibility of imperata & mistletoe & fermented soy extract

= protecting component of vegetable placenta and healthy energy + rich nutrition of enzyme extract and moisturizing energy

are filled in Leeblese placenta replenishing Set


Other brand's placenta products add raw material extract Leeblese placenta replenishing skin care products add materials' fermented

extract to provide upgraded skin moisturizing effect and nutrition!

Leeblese For Man Placenta Replenishing toner(150ml)- Abundant vegetable placenta components like protein enzyme,

essential mineral, vitamin, essential fatty acid offer skin elasticity and organize skin texture after cleansing. It supplies moisture

to dry skin and maintains skin balance with refreshing sense of use. It improves skin oily look and makes skin smooth.

Leeblese For Man Placenta Replenishing emersion (150ml)- Vegetable placenta quickly absorbs into skin without giving feeling of

stickiness and keeps skin moisture all day long. It changes rough skin into elastic and glossy skin. It reduces skin dryness by adjusting

the balance of skin moisture and oil and it makes skin bright and moisturized.


The STRENGTHS of Leeblese Man Placenta Replenishing Skin Care!

       The moisture lasts for a long time once applied.

       It contains 3 kinds of complex components, mistletoe extract, fermented soy extract, imperata, and

they relieve irritated skin and strengthen moisture barrier.

       Improved moisture power, spreadability, and adherence by fermentation!


Volume: 150ml


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Leeblese for Man Placenta Replenishing Skin Care Set