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By improving skin damages, it charges exhausted skin energy
Snail improves skin damages like skin dryness and roughness to recover its original functions.

Contents: Toner, emersion, moist serum, multi-serum, eye cream, cream, BB cream + (Samples: 30ml toner, 30ml emersion)

Snail restoring toner(150ml)-This refreshing toner awakes skin vitality to make base of soft skin texture that effectively delivers nutrition and moisture into skin.
Snail restoring emersion(150ml)- It raises skin elasticity and ameliorates dry skin into smooth skin without giving the sense of stickiness. Snail mucus juice and shea butter present healthy skin.
Snail restoring moist serum(50ml)- Snail mucus juice and allantoin provides moisture at the same time, prevents water loss. Betaine reinforces feeble skin to become moisturized and firm.

Snail restoring eye cream [anti-wrinkle](30ml)- It is an anti-wrinkle eye cream that makes darkened eyes bright and firm. It fills eye rim skin with moisture and snail mucus juice improves weary eye rim damages.

Snail restoring multi serum [whitening/anti-wrinkle](50ml)- It delivers abundant moisture and nutritional components into skin. Snail mucus juice strengthens skin barrier and protects skin from external harmful factors to help skin whitening and skin firming.

Snail restoring cream(50ml)- It is an enriched and luxurious textured high nutritional cream that charges skin energy. Snail mucus juice, naturally moisturizing factor, vegetable components ameliorate skin water loss and makes moisturized and smooth skin.
Snail restoring BB cream [SPF47 PA+++anti-wrinkle/whitening](50ml)- As it contains snail mucus juice, fully filled with skin nutritious components, it presents glossy and smooth skin, outstanding covering ability, skin tone correction, and skin care.

Filtered SNAIL MUCUS?? Snail has been existed on the earth from 600million years ago. It contains main substances like mucin, allantoin and glycosin acid that provide effective nutritional elements to skin.
Moisturizing power- The combination of highly moisturizing snail mucus and water soluble moisturizer betaine present moist for skin.
Enhancing skin elasticity
The synergy effect of elements of allantoin and mucin from  snail mucus help enhance skin elasticity to make firm and clear skin.
Enhancing Flexibility it enhances skin flexibility to improve rough and dry skin to soft and smooth.

Skin holding glare It finely clears skin texture up so that skin gets brighter and clearer.


Other Nature Extracts in the product:
Betaine- It has low viscosity in water solubility and it has stronger moist effect than glycerin as a wetting agent

and moistener among amino acids.
It has outstanding skin permeation ability and relieves sensitive skin by reducing skin irritation.
Hyaluronic acid- It is an element that naturally forms inside the body. Because this element has strong affinity with water,

it holds moisture on skin.
It is synthetic natural substance. It conveys and stores its 1000 times weight of moisture to skin.
Allantoin- It is a safe element that has low possibility of side effects. It promotes skin vitalization and has skin relief

and soothing effects so it can be used to sensitive skin. With enriched moisturizing ability, it prevents skin from getting chapped.
Oriental medicine extract- Oriental medicines like phellinus linteus, phellodendron amurense, cnidium, and Huttuynia cordata

vitalize skin to prevent skin aging and they provide nutrition to skin to become strong and vigorous.



The STRENGHTS of leeblese Snail Restoring Skin Care!
1. It has less side effects and contains snail mucus and vegetable extract that are good for all types of skin.
It prevents skin moisture loss so that the nutrition can be absorbed deep into skin by forming moisture layer.
3. With total aging care, It solves variety of skin troubles!


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