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Leeblese Soothing Moist Aloe Cream

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[Leeblese Soothing & Moist Aloe Cream]

It provides skin relief and moisture to weary skin!
The 3-step moisturizing formula soothes irritated skin quickly

Soothing line & For sensitive skin  - anti-wrinkle+whitening dual-functional cream  

Aloe vera relieves irritated skin quickly and by the 3-step formula (1. moisture provision, 2.moisture possessing,

3.moisturized glossy skin), it makes skin strong and moisturized. Allantoin and tea tree extract makes sensitive or irritated skin into healthy skin.


Organic certification from USDA! ALOE VERA juice!
Aloe vera is well-known for skin soothing effect
Called as 'God's last present' in Egypt, aloe vera alleviates itchiness caused by skin dryness and infection.
With its outstanding moisturizing effect to protect dry skin, it makes skin moisturized and firm. It vitalizes sun burn and darkened skin

by skin relieving effect. In addition, since it has almost no side effects because it is composed of mile elements, it can be applied to sensitive skins.

The STRENGNTHS of this product!!

。3-step moisturizing formula!
3-step moisturizing formula makes skin firm and moisturized and it also offers skin cooling effect that relives irritated skin quickly.
。Contains 1,000mg certified organic aloe vera juice from USDA!
Aloe vera is an outstanding element for skin moisturizing and skin relief.
。Alleviates sensitive skin!
Allantoin, tea tree extract make skin ease from stress and irritation.
More nutritious than soothing gel! It is a multi functional smart aloe cream!


Nature Extracts included in the product:
Betaine- It has low viscosity in water solubility and it has stronger moist effect than glycerin as a wetting agent and moistener among amino acids.
It has outstanding skin permeation ability and relieves sensitive skin by reducing skin irritation.
Hyaluron acid- It is an element that naturally forms inside the body. Because this element has strong affinity with water,

it holds moisture on skin.
Allantoin-  outstanding for skin relief and soothing effect. Good for sensitive skin type!
Shea butter-It supplies and stores moisture and quickly permeates into skin. It forms moisture protective coat without blocking skin pores.
And it contains essential fatty acids for skin balance and it also permeates deep in the skin to recover skin elasticity.
This product makes skin soft and clean.

Tea tree extract- It has outstanding skin purification ant it helps maintaining clean skin condition.
It is good for sensitive skin


[Volume: 100ml]

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Leeblese Soothing _ Moist Aloe Cream