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Leeblese Multi Foam Cleanser

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[Leeblese Multi Foam Cleanser] Volume: 180ml

It possessed EVERYTHING! 7 In 1 multi cleansing!

Brightening · Removing make up · Skin pore care · Dead skin care · Increasing skin elasticity · Highly moisturizing.

。Nutritious snail mucus juice(118mg) improves damaged skin and 7 elements in the product cleanses 

facial wastes thoroughly at the same time, it offers custom skin care effects.

。Enriched foam completely removes wastes deep in the skin pores and it alleviates stressed or irritated skin

to become healthy and glossy.



7 kinds of extracts solve individual skin troubles, so only by cleansing, it offers the sense of having skin care from dermatologist!


The 7 elements are :

Lemon extract -> Skin Brightening
Rosemary extract -> Removes make up residues perfectly!
Apple extract -> Tightens wide skin pores! (Pectic substance in apple skin tightens skin pores and makes skin smooth.

It also contains abundant vitamins that make skin bright.)
Tea tree extract -> Dead skin cell care
Common thyme extract -> Cleanses sun block thoroughly!
Collagen extract -> Skin Firming (Vegetable elasticity factor raises skin elasticity and protein polysaccharide

raises firmness to make bouncy skin.)
Hyaluron acid -> Moisturizing (It is synthetic natural substance. It conveys and stores its 1000 times

weight of moisture to skin.)



[Volume: 180ml]


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Leeblese Multi Foam Cleanser